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Rolta Receives 2014 SAP® Pinnacle Award: OEM Partner of the Year - PR Newswire India (press release)

Pinnacle award as "OEM Partner of the Year". SAP Pinnacle awards are presented annually to the top SAP partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP and driving customer success.  Finalists and winners in 21 categories were based on field recommendations, customer feedback and performance indicators in the following five umbrella categories: Run Together (for co-innovation), Run Further (for market expansion), Run Clever (for service delivery), Run Sustainably (for sustainability) and new for 2014 Customers' Choice.

K.K. Singh , chairman and CEO of Rolta. "This award recognizes Rolta's success in its endeavor to co-innovate with SAP to develop state-of-the-art solutions based on big data, mobility and cloud technologies, thereby bringing greater value to our joint customers".

Through the global strategic OEM partnership, Rolta is able to provide customers across the world with leading-edge business analytics and big-data solutions.  Rolta OneView™ Enterprise Suite is a field-proven platform that is designed to exploit the power of SAP technologies including the SAP HANA ® platform, SAP IQ software, SAP Predictive Analysis software and the SAP Strategy Management application.  Rolta OneView has relevant SAP components embedded within it, and its flexible architecture facilitates building solutions that are tailor-made to address the specific needs of organizations in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, power, utilities, manufacturing and transportation. This award recognizes Rolta for making the best use of SAP technology, and delivering greater value to customers while driving the most strategic level of innovation.

India . The Company's GDRs are listed on the Main Board of London Stock Exchange. The Company's 'Senior Notes' are listed on Singapore Stock Exchange.

Rolta Receives 2014 SAP® Pinnacle Award: OEM Partner of the Year - PR Newswire India (press release)

Workshop for farmers - Times of India

ICAR research complex for Goa, Old Goa, will conduct a one-day training programme on 'Diagnosis of insect pests and diseases of plantation and spice crops of Goa' on April 25. Plantation crops (coconut, arecanut, and cashew) and spice crops (black pepper, ginger and turmeric) are grown across the state. It is often reported that these crops are affected by insect pests and diseases leading to economic loss. One of the pre-requisites in successful pest management is proper and timely diagnosis in the field. The ICAR workshop is being conducted especially for agricultural officers, extension personnel to strengthen the human resource in agriculture. Only limited number of trainees will be selected for the programme. Those interested may contact ICAR research complex for Goa to enroll. Call 2284678/79 (ext 125), 9423057693, 9503476675 or email at ramesh@icargoa.res.in.

Euro Film Festival: The 19th European Union Film Festival is being organized in Goa by delegation of the European Union to India, embassies of member states of the European Union and Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG). The festival will be held from April 26 to May 4 at Maquinez Palace- Audi I. The event will include a collection of 19 award-winning movies showcasing different stories of youth. It's a collection of dreams and passion, fear and frustration, fun and joy, mistakes and recognition - all things old and young for both the young and not-so-young. The festival will be inaugurated at Maquinez Palace - Audi I at 5pm with a special screening of the Hungarian movie 'Fresh Air' in the presence of Consul General of Hungary (Mumbai).

Fado concert: On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Portuguese democratic revolution, young Portuguese Fado singer Claudia Duarte will be in concert on April 25, at Menezes Braganza Institute auditorium with support of Fundacao Oriente, Semana da Cultura Indo Portuguesa - Goa, Hotel Cidade de Goa and Camoes - Instituo de Lingua e Cooperacao. Free passes will be available from April 21 at Fundacao Oriente (Fontainhas), Panaji and Clube Harmonia, Margao, during office hours.

Earth day: Goa Science Centre, Miramar, is organizing a lecture for students and the general public to celebrate the World Earth Day on April 22. The lecture on 'Role of Forest in Metigation of Planet Earth' will be delivered by Sujeetkumar Dongre, deputy programme coordinator, centre for environment & education, Goa.

Workshop for farmers - Times of India

Can you afford to quit? - Mumbai Mirror

It's not impossible, say financial experts, for a double income home to downgrade to single. But, the imaginative use of available funds and some shaving off is mandatory. Before you do that, take a hard look at your choice. Ask yourself why you want to be at home? Is it so that you can spend time with your child, or are you frustrated with your current job? Do you draw satisfaction from your career? In that case, will you be able to leave that behind? If it's still something you need to do, run through this 11-point plan before you say, I quit.

The first step to figure if your bank account can handle the brunt is to ask yourself what you are spending on, and how much. This is essential if you are to later assess where you can cut corners. Try keeping a note of everything (we mean everything you buy). You'll be surprised at your purchase pattern. It's often that we think we spend "about Rs 800 at the bar on Saturdays" but an actual calculation throws up anything from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500. Usually, food is a family's third-largest expense, so be prepared to shop and eat frugally.

Sit with your partner and draw up your 'current' budget. List non-negotiable expenditures(rent, school fees, grocery bills) and those that can be trimmed. Ask yourself if you need every premium cable channel that's in your bouquet right now. Can you switch to a budget mobile.

Sandra Vernal-Sawant, 31, HR consultant That she was spending more time commuting from her Lower Parel office to her Thane residence than with her 18-month-old daughter made Sandra Vernal-Sawant quit her job this February. "I have my mother-inlaw for help, but this was about being able to watch Ananya grow up," says the HR consultant. She quit without a plan but was lucky to find a part-time job that lets her work as an independent recruiter by clocking in six hours a day. That she can choose which days of the week she wants to work makes it a practical choice. "I work on commission basis, which means I get paid when I close a deal. I have to work around the time lag since I must wait for the employee to join the new office before I receive the cheque, but it helps me stay motivated," explains Sawant.

Can you afford to quit? - Mumbai Mirror

Wipro to hire 150 frontline sales staff in United States - Economic Times

The US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, and bombed Libya. Would it have done so if those countries had nuclear bombs? For an answer, look at North Korea.

FB’s 100 mn users will have the brands following it, as that’s where consumers are. Even as companies search for RoI, FB will look to monetise it.

Modi said in the top 10 states where crime against women was the highest, Cong rules 7 and in the others, the party is a partner in the government.

Perhaps Chatwal thought his dodgy political contributions would go unnoticed because of proximity to the powers that be, but US doesn't work that way.

Wipro to hire 150 frontline sales staff in United States - Economic Times

Smells like team spirit - Livemint

The website that you use for online shopping or the aircraft that takes you places have most likely been built through the collaborative effort of teams dispersed across continents. Organizations are increasingly turning global to take advantage of diverse talent, achieve operational and cost effectiveness, and inculcate the ability to respond to market demands with swiftness to be able to thrive in a highly competitive environment.

Pratap G. , senior director, human resources, at container shipping firm Maersk Global Service Centres (India) Pvt. Ltd in Mumbai, lies in building and managing long-distance professional relationships. And this is no mean task in a scenario where the opportunities to garner contextual and emotional cues through personal interaction are few and far between. This is also corroborated by a 2010 virtual team survey report published by RW3 CultureWizard, a New York-based intercultural training consultancy, which cites the inability to read non-verbal cues, absence of collegiality, difficulty in establishing rapport and trust, difficulty in seeing the whole picture, and a sense of isolation as some of the factors that pose impediments to the effective working of virtual teams. “The leader, under the circumstance, not only needs to engage with the virtual team members with extra care and sensitivity, but also create forums for people to interact with one another,” says Mumbai-based Raj Bowen, managing director, PDI Ninth House, a global leadership solutions company.

Establish the ground rules and protocols around audio or video meetings in terms of frequency, duration, agenda, minutes and participation; and be fair with time zones so as not to inconvenience a particular location each time. Enumerate the role of the facilitator, and rotate this role across team members to get people involved. Generate interest by tuning the agenda to address the inherent concerns of people—like where am I going, where is my team going, and where is my organization headed? Address these queries proactively by sharing team updates related to goals, achievements, senior management feedback, and the likely opportunities and threats facing the team. Offer organizational updates around business results, expansion plans and impending structural changes, if any. Draw people in by encouraging them to pose questions and share their thoughts and perspectives.

Team members may feel isolated in the absence of connections that are forged easily at the water cooler, or the lack of opportunity to walk up to a colleague’s desk, or approach the manager with a quick question. Pratap emphasizes the importance of one-on-one meetings that don’t just focus on the task, but also stimulate relationships through conversations around career development and personal development plans. He is also a strong proponent of unscheduled, no-agenda meetings that provide quick touch points for deepening relationships. Similarly, leaders travelling on business trips could also make time to connect with virtual team members, cutting across reporting lines. These simple practices pay rich dividends by making people feel connected and cared for. Pratap says investing time to meet people at each location to understand their concerns, drivers, achievements, interests, likes, dislikes and the nuances of their cultural milieu helped him when he was taking the reins of a team across India, China, the Philippines and Denmark.

Smells like team spirit - Livemint

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